Spec Sheets

  • Compguard Compact Fluorescent

  • Popguard Premium Fluorescent

  • SureGuard Incandescent

  • SureShield HID Lamps

  • Freezer Glo Cold Climate Lamps

  • Thermaguard Red/Clear Heat Lamps

  • PermaSleeve Economy and Colored Fluorescent Lamps

  • Globe Guardian Globes, Jars, Laboratory Glassware

  • LED Lighting

  • Market Lite Meat and Produce Display Fluorescent Lamps

  • Black Lights

  • Alon F54T5 High Heat

  • DropGuard Exposed Worklight Protection

  • Induction Low Energy, Long Life Induction Fluorescent Lamps

  • TimeGlo Safety Lighting

  • GoldGuard Semi Conductors

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