Frequently Asked Questions

1. Glass Surface Systems(GSS)? When, What and Why?

GSS engineered with innovation superior shatterproof lighting for fluorescents, incandescent, HIDs and all other types of lamps in 1984. Our superior shatterproof products created a strong growth factor making GSS the number one choice in our field. We strive and have succeeded in customer service, second to none.

2. What are the benefits of protecting your glass lights?

Through evolution, all industries dealing with food processing, IE: Food packaging, Restaurants, super-markets etc are required by the federal government to protect glass lamps from contamination in the vicinity of food. Common sense has led non-food industries of all types to use GSS's shatterproof protection including commercial facilities, homes, hospitals, hotels, mines etc. All Regulations available. 

3. Why should I choose GSS?

Our wide spread distribution network using distributers across the continental united states and large in house stocks of ready to ship product gives you faster service to you and your customers. Customer service is considered a top priority. Your calls will be answered virtually immediately which will lead you to professional sales associates at the same time we have specialists in all lighting areas, including LED’s,  that can work with you on sales projects. GSS has maintained strict testing programs on new developments and innovations. GSS has all necessary government and 3rd-party approvals and are available upon request.

4. How can I become a distribution partner?

By contacting GSS using our 1.800.445.0466. Email Fax number 330.745.8570.

If you require a distributor in your area, please use any method above to contact GSS.

5. What is the correct method in recycling?

GSS Shatterproof lighting uses many forms of coating to protect the lamp. To find out your correct procedure for recycling please call customer service at 1.800.445.0466

6. How do GSS lamp prices compare to reusable sleeves?

Reusable sleeves

Assembly required. On some fluorescent items two people needed to assemble both sleeves and end caps. Quite often breakage occurs during assembly. Studied estimation of assembly time is well over 1 hour per box

Popguard (One of our Methods)

No assembly required. Product ready to install. Fluorescent tube self contained. Employees and foodstuffs are safe. No deterioration of strength due to age.

7. What is the average light(lumen) loss due to coating?

Depending on which coating is used, it has been established, an average of 1%-1.5% light loss, which is barely perceptible to the human eye.

8. How is UV light output affected by safety coating?

GSS provides coatings that are called UVB( Ultra Violet Blocked up to 390nan) or UVA( Ultra Violet light Allowed). Be sure to tell your distributor or sales rep which you prefer.

9. What safety-coated lamps cannot be coated?

GSS can proudly state that the only one of tens of thousands of bulbs on the market today we cannot coat is the linear halogen. This means that GSS has OEM status with all major lighting manufactures IE: GE, Phillips, Sylvania and most minor manufactures IE: Ushio, Eiko, TCP, etc. GSS can also shatterproof all 240volt European lamps that you require.

10. How do I clean a GSS lamp?

Using any normal surface cleaning materials will remove build-up of dust, dirt and grime. Immersion in cleaning tank requires quick drying process.

11. Are washdown areas safe with GSS lamps?

Washdown areas require specific enclosed rated fixtures found in meat packing plants, refrigerators and cold rooms. Under the required fixtures, regular Popguard shatterproof lighting will do the job for you.

GSS developed our freezerglo product that will maintain better light output and starting performance down to 25degrees below zero. Call customer service for more information or see out cutsheet at

12. Why are there two types of black lights?

GSS carries all sizes of fluorescent, compact fluorescent, incandescent, and LED black lights that are extensively used for bug zappers in food related industries.

Black light BLB refers to fluorescents that are dark in appearance produce a higher UL spectrum and less visible light.

13. Will you safety coat my lamps?

GSS will accommodate all your coating only needs.

14. How long do GSS safety coated lamps last?

GSS lamps will perform as designed for the manufacturer’s rated life. The unique GSS safety coating is guaranteed to last the rated-life of the lamp provided all installation criteria is met. (See Warranty)

15. How soon will my lamps be delivered?

If we have the lamp you request in-stock, it is possible for the product to ship within the same day if ordered by 12:00pm. If the lamp must be special-ordered, please allow one0 weeks for delivery. A customer service team member will be happy to answer all of your questions.





Frequently Asked Questions about LEDS


1. Can GSS modify LEDs to fit fixtures we have?

T8 LEDs and T5 LEDs can be modified for specific lengths. IE: A 48inch T8 can be modified down to a 46.7inch length to perfectly retrofit a T12 HO[high output] T8 LEDs can be modified in length and pin structure to easily retrofit many T5 fixtures. HID [metal halide, high pressure sodium, mercury vapor] fixtures for HIDs sometimes have deeper sockets that require LED modification which we can do. Call our specialist for details.


2. What guarantee do you offer with your LED Bulbs?

 Standard guarantees of LED bulbs vary between 3 and 5 years depending on make and model. Be careful of 10 year guarantees which require you to read the fine print as it seldom means a full 10 year guarantee. Our company backs the 3 to 5 year guarantee completely and as there is so much poor quality LEDs on the market this gives you peace of mind.  


3. Do T8 LEDs retrofit all T12 fixtures?

 With the modifications that we can give you, you will be able to fit all T12 fixtures.


4. Are LED lumens lower than standard lumens?

 LED lumens can be deceiving. The very design of the LED chip and beam degree concentrates light in a downward direction actually producing more lumens where you need them than the regular fluorescents or other forms of lighting. However, when testing lumen output using the known method for regular bulbs your rating can be less than the actual lumens you received from the LEDs.

5. Do you have access to a wide range of standard LEDs that are equivalent to all other non-LED lamps?

Simple answer: yes. We now have LEDs that virtually cover all other types of regular lamps made.


6. Do you have wiring diagrams?

 Yes. We will provide you with exactly what you need to install and maintain our LED products. Call our specialists for your diagram and installation help.


7. Is there more than one way to wire an LED?

 There are several ways to correctly install all LED lamps. Call our specialists if you wish to be sure how to install.


8. Can I link fluorescent LEDs together?

 At this time, all T5s link together easily to create a perfect light flow. We are  waiting for the same ability with T8s


9. Do you have LEDs that are equivalent to regular fluorescent color range?

 Yes. In most cases we can provide all colors in the 700 and 800 range of regular fluorescents and other categories of lamps.


10. Do LEDs need to warm up?

 No. Instant startup with 100% light.


11. What temperature do LEDs run best at?

 LEDs prefer moderate to cold temperatures. Special LEDs are made for high ambient air temperatures.


12. Can you shatterproof LEDs?

 Yes. Our company shatterproofs a large variety of LEDs.


13. What is the true electrical consumption of an LED?

 LEDs will save you up 85% of electrical consumption from regular lighting.


14. Can LEDs do more than just save power?

 Yes. Call our customer service specialists to find out the extra benefits in electrical consumption and maintenance cost.


15. Can LEDs be used over food areas?

 Yes. In most cases. Where shatterproof LED lamps are required, we can provide the shatterproof LEDs that you need.


16. Can LEDs be used outside? Are they waterproof?

 We have LEDs that have the correct government ratings for outside usage. 

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